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"what is the greatest need of human  beings? what is it they seek from me always? intimacy. i listen with all my being, i am completely interested. i seek, momentarily, a communion of eyes, feelings, thoughts" ~  anais nin


This could be the start of something wonderful...

Allow me introduce myself. My name is Eve and I offer my company to discerning gentlemen who know what they want when it comes to spending quality, intimate time with a woman. That last bit is important. Although I enjoy all men, there is a class of man I'm really drawn to : a man who does not define himself  by his work or age but by his character, standards and his love of being a man. A man who knows himself and knows what he wants especially in his interactions with women. A man for whom 'good enough' simply isn't. Put simply, I love what can happen between a man and a woman who chose to be together and explore all the ways in which they can connect. I know that good intimacy feeds us and makes us happier people in the rest of our lives. 

 I have always been drawn to the world of men, to the company of men, to the psyche and journey of men. Those who inspire me are men and I appreciate and value the gifts men bring not only to my life, but to society. And I like nothing better than to be the potent but yielding feminine counterpart to male strength. So, if you are a gentleman who seeks the company of an intelligent, playful, wildly sensual woman who makes time just for him then please journey further into this site and maybe we can find ourselves enjoying something wonderful together. 

To give you an idea of how I present,  I stand 5'6”, weigh under 125 lbs and am fit with curves. I do have some body art but only one small nose piercing. Dark hair, green eyes, soft skin  and healthy. I am Slavic by heritage and have been raised to be a great guest and a great host. I have been told  by others that I radiate warmth, positivity and yes, even light! And that I embody a very sexy yet elegant energy. I do not identify by age or other worldly roles I take on. I stay curious, open and informed and enjoy having opinions and engaging in lively conversations in which we can have a real exchange. I exercise regularly, love the outdoors and keep a beautiful home. I am interested in architecture, design, food, wellness and paradigm shifts. You'll find me to be a true sensualist,  a natural born lover, one who notices the little things and a woman who celebrates the gifts of life, like living in the paradise of south Vancouver Island. 

If you are enjoying what you are reading, please proceed further into this site for important guidance and information.


Our Visit

"the most erotic zone is the imagination" ~ vivienne westwood 


All visits will take place within my home, unless you are visiting Victoria and can not make your way to me. My home is located within the downtown core of the city of Victoria and is short walk to all the food, drinks and delights our city has to offer. There is visitor parking and a secure entrance. You will always receive a warm welcome and I will do all I can to have you feel at ease and at home.

Once the door is shut and your keys go in the bowl we can spend our time in whatever indulgence and pleasure we please. I am trained in traditional shiatsu and offer a complimentary 15 minute upper body/head session with all visits over one hour.  I will also offer you a beverage of your choice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic and will happily share what you prefer.

For longer visits,  a light or full meal is an option and we can decide how that works when booking. If you happen to be here golfing, what better way to end a great day than in an indulgent visit with me! 

Your Gift

Please note:

– All visits have a relaxed exit time which means we are not watching the clock or waiting for the sound of an alarm. This is to allow for a natural flow to the connection and visit. We will discuss how this unfolds in the initial meet. 

– Gifts are for my time with you and not for any specific activity we engage in. As such I do not provide a menu of activities for you to select from nor do I request any extra gifts during our time together.

– Outcalls are only to quality accommodations in Victoria and for out of town visitors only.

$300 gift ... for up to one hour together

$500 gift ... for up to two hours together

$300 gift ... dinner, social or entertainment events, shopping or just time out together, up to 3 hrs if we end the date with extra intimate time alone then above gifts apply per one hour or more     

$1800 gift ... for a night together up to 12 hrs 

Gifts I also enjoy :

– Macarons from Bon Macaron in Victoria
– Float sessions at The Float House in Victoria
– Flowers Flowers Flowers
– Spa dates, you're welcome to make it for both of us!
– Gift cards to Holt Renfrew, Munro's Books, Bernstein and Gold


  1. Cleanliness and manners are non-negotiable and must be thoroughly attended to. If for any reason, I am not comfortable with either and you are unable to remedy that, the visit will end immediately. I will fully expect you to leave the visit and my premises politely.  
  2. Please take care of your bathing and grooming before arriving. If for any reason you are unable to do so, a clean bathroom that is stocked with complimentary men's products will be available to you. Please know that the time you may need for showering or grooming in my home is part of our date time together. 
  3. Remember you are coming to see a woman who is preparing for you on every level and is truly delighted to spend time with you. I go through my own rituals of preparation each and every time and include ways to clear my mind and heart of any stories and energies that our encounter doesn't need.  It thrills me to meet men who also attend to what they bring to the encounter, to the details of their inner and outer state. Dressing well, bringing a smile, a curious spirit and a sense of openness will contribute greatly to the quality of our connection. 
  4. Your gift should be in an envelope and placed on the entry table once you arrive.
  5. I know life can happen, unexpected demands can pop up and our visit may have to be cancelled. I ask for as much notice as can possibly be given, ideally 48 hrs. If cancelling becomes a pattern (i.e, after 2 consecutive times), and you still desire to see me, I will expect your gift to be transferred to me, in full, upon booking. This gift will not be returned should you cancel again.


An email or a phone call to introduce yourself is the beginning, please do not text. I respond to all communication promptly.

Email: eveinthegarden18@gmail.com
Phone: 250-360-6547
Follow Me on Twitter: @EveInTheGarden2

Once you connect with me, we will book a short half hour initial meeting somewhere public and enjoy a beverage, my treat. It's important we both get to feel each other out, ask questions, and just be in each others company. If we both feel drawn to see each other more we can book time together, that same day if possible or at our earliest mutual convenience. If one or both of us don't feel drawn further, it's a simple thank you and good bye.

For out of town visitors who are unable to drive to my home, we will still have an initial meeting  somewhere convenient to you, before I come to your accommodations.  If you do have the ability to come to my home, then the same booking procedure applies, ie we will meet beforehand but can do so close to my home.

It is very important to me that both of us feel good and safe about spending time together and that we both request what is needed of each other to ensure that.